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It makes for great fodder, so I just post it to expose and make fun of their stupidity. What can I say? I bore easily. ;-)

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Salt lick hours san antonio The Salt Lick BBQ
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Gorr 15.02.2018
Looks like he's taking a three day vacation. Going to be calm and quiet for a while. LOL
Netaxe 25.02.2018
this guy even drags in the constitution to justify bangin a minor..
Tobar 01.03.2018
Possibly caused by climate change.
Turamar 09.03.2018
Jordan Peterson, pop guru for Incels, advocate for patriarchy, & promoter of the notion of "enforced monogamy" for women so that Incels can have sex, offered an interesting argument about the reality of the invisible world in a recent interview. (How the subject arose isn't mentioned.)
Faegal 15.03.2018
or even change definitions
Nikojora 25.03.2018
I wasn't goint to reply to this earlier because its so ridiculous on its face. Only licensed people can own guns, and you have to have a rock solid reason for needing one and according to Australian law, self defense isn't a valid reason, which essentially bans everyone from owning a gun.
Grolkree 02.04.2018
I came here from curiosity and to see what others know in terms of religion, but I find the repetitive religious subjects and arguments boring. You have nothing interesting to offer.
Kigagar 11.04.2018
Check your responses. Of course, you're still going to believe in garbage like magic being real.
Tetilar 20.04.2018
True and then one outgrows mere rationalism too - keep going
Nikinos 25.04.2018
Sure! All the cool kids do that :)
JoJorisar 05.05.2018
You interpret uncharitably.
Nabei 10.05.2018
So you say. As the saying goes, that's not worth the paper it was written on.
Sanos 15.05.2018
So, at my husband's work, they found some abandoned kittahs, and one of the ladies there decided to take them to raise. They're still tiny kittahs, and they need to be fed during the day, so she's been bringing them and keeping them in her office. This other guy, who shares the office with her, is complaining because the office is starting to, in his words, "smell like cat".
Nikogrel 23.05.2018
I wasn't citing my disagreement, I was citing disagreement on the part of the current Pope and others within the Catholic community. Also, where is the Catholic community cracking down on divorce due to irreconcilable differences in the same manner? That's definitely not covered in the Bible as a valid reason but the idea of excommunicating a member for it nowadays is laughable.
Goltirisar 27.05.2018
When they start to peddle that fear in people I go "Click" on the remote. Usually to the "Power off" button.

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