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The only result will be that rich people will have their abortion in England and poor people will be forced to do illegal and dangerous ones in Ireland.

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Mar teen lesbian two Teen
Mar teen lesbian two Teen
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Tojajora 29.03.2018
It makes me think of hippies, lol.
Mibar 30.03.2018
"why would I bother denouncing child abuse?"
Gomi 05.04.2018
Were you trying to f*ck your toilet again Dave? I thought we talked about this...*wink
Goltilmaran 07.04.2018
Yes, I understand that Dirac is saying, incorrectly, that highly improbable might as well be impossible.
Moogut 14.04.2018
No one cares about your retarded son
Kigore 21.04.2018
It is if its intended for use at a specific event.
Zujind 24.04.2018
"Messenger" implies that you actually have some kind of message. You don't.
Vudogal 28.04.2018
Minding your own business is not a trait of social conservatives.
Vilrajas 01.05.2018
Egg on my face for not recognizing you earlier. Hi Ascention.
Maukora 05.05.2018
thanks for your concern :|
Gole 12.05.2018
So, just to be clear: either a woman gets married at the age of 18 and has sex only with one man her whole life or else she's 'sleep(ing) with anything with a swinging dick'? No middle ground whatsoever? You have a serious Madonna/whore complex. And it sounds like you have no understanding of the realities of the women who have abortions, many of which are married, have children, are using birth control and cannot afford a third (or fourth) child. Maybe get the facts first?
Majin 12.05.2018
I don't know why you think you'd go to hell. I also don't know why you'd think heaven must be exclusive in order to be perfect. Or why it's important that it be perfect.
Kikora 19.05.2018
You need to qualify that question otherwise I will remind you about Trump's hiring practices at Mar-a-Lago, for example.
Matilar 26.05.2018
See you there.
Molkis 01.06.2018
Comment was mostly a hyberbole/hyperbola joke relying on the fact that "hyperbolic" is the adjective for both. And now you say you don't know what a hyperbola is and apparently are too incurious to look it up yourself. Pity. You'd do well, I think, to read about the history of zero. It took a long while for zero the number (as opposed to zero the placeholder) to come about and there were philosophical objections to its creation. How can nothing be something? But if you're unwilling to look up a conic (or, heck, the whole set), I haven't high hopes. Alas. If you knew more math, you might give up this zero business, focus on "God of the gaps" with step functions. Watch for the floor/ceiling function scism, but don't worry, both sides can unite against an integralist who claims there's no difference. (Differentialist walks right by -- there's nothing to see.) :-)
Tomi 07.06.2018
One would think that if ANYONE were arrogant enough to begin to think they can change what's happening, they would have to be certifiable! lol
Zushicage 17.06.2018
Some of us are sans clothing lol
Zolojas 24.06.2018
I can resist the urge.
Vogore 03.07.2018
You are really good at digging.
Vosho 05.07.2018
My body is an ear of corn. How would you eat me?
Samutaur 08.07.2018
Venezuela is 100% socialist. Are you looking for a mix of socialism or pure socialism?
Kegore 13.07.2018
Would you also say that a merchant can refuse to serve a racially-mixed couple?
Bagrel 14.07.2018
Let me hedge a bit, if I could
Tujora 16.07.2018
Learn what epigenetic markers are. You are mixing and jumping subjects and only confusing yourself.
Nashura 24.07.2018
So, your response is to resort to labeling.
Nikom 02.08.2018
?But in ancient literary practice, there was nothing false about attributing a writing of yours to your teacher if they are the origin of those ideas.? Funny how Porphyry condemns the forgers of twelve books in the name of Pythagoras as shameless fabricators.
Samukree 11.08.2018
Only women are allowed to this lol
Vucage 13.08.2018
Farmers will thank Trump for helping them make less money?
Yogal 20.08.2018
I didn't say that it is ok or excusable. I'm saying that it could be salvageable.
Tektilar 27.08.2018
I still remember weekend marathon sessions of Intellivision back in the 80s with my older brother until sun-up. They remain the best gaming memories that we share. "Controversy" continues to boil to the surface 30+ years later(?!) and it's still fun!
Mall 04.09.2018
should be death penalty
Kigami 06.09.2018
We do, Leslie, in our hearts. : )
Kazit 12.09.2018
Climate Myth: CO2 was higher in the past

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