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It is clear the purpose of the Bible is to defend only 3 words

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Latina trannny sex
Latina trannny sex
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Vudogami 16.06.2018
probably not, especially when Jesus eludes to the OT but what if they just agreed they are teaching stories? Even the horrendous drowning of children would take on a different meaning because we would know it didn;t ACTUALLY happen
Goltigor 24.06.2018
Sounds good. Have a nice night.
Faelrajas 28.06.2018
Probably not. Laws of nature and all that. Even aliens are bound by them.
Grogami 04.07.2018
Why thank you for providing options.
Shagor 12.07.2018
Please do tell us if any of the mass shooters, stabbers, or vehicular homicides were conducted by a Christian. Not saying Christians are perfect but less likely to commit heinous crimes.
Bajin 13.07.2018
I disagree with it as well. Shame many people disparage male rape victims.
Nijin 15.07.2018
No, it should be discarded.
Gojar 25.07.2018
The only map he has is of Russia
Zulkiktilar 29.07.2018
Actually I know a great deal about all three. Hence why I point out that what most people consider to be evolution is just faith based nonsense.
Duramar 08.08.2018
So many spamming invites and typos!!
Shalrajas 14.08.2018
Yeah. I agree.
Brakora 17.08.2018
Hello, Guffie. Gee, who woulda thought you would create another new sock!
Mezirr 20.08.2018
My family will tell you I am an angel.
Tejin 26.08.2018
I never understood that either. Not having any credit cards is bad, and having credit cards is good.
Fenris 01.09.2018
Remember glitter body spray and glitter eyeshadow? I was pretty liberal with the amount I used on regular basis. I ended up looking like a walking disco ball!??

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