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Hard to understand something that doesn't exist, as proven by your repeated failure to describe it. It only exists in your fantasy world.

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Mogar 12.06.2018
So what ? I think...I was agreeing with you, wasn't I ?
Disho 13.06.2018
Result in better education for one.
Doutaur 19.06.2018
My thoughts exactly
Febei 22.06.2018
So you are saying that everything that is considered moral today will never be considered immoral and that nothing that is considered immoral today was ever considered moral? or do you just redefine the word as progress is made in society? Morality is not math. 1 + 1 = 2 is true. It was true 10,000 years ago and it will be true 10,000 years from now. Morals are more like fashion. they change with the times and are different in different cultures. Not to say that you cannot determine a right act from a wrong definitively as long as you can agree on the goal. If the goal is to better society and make as many peoples lives more comfortable then you can use that to say "this action is good" or "this is bad"
Tosar 24.06.2018
It's a super grey area. A teacher here in CZ turned out to have done an audition for porn. Her students found her audition tape online and it spread throughout the school. She was fired, and I support it. There's no way she'd ever be taken seriously again or respected - especially by her male students. It would've been a huge distraction within the school and would've taken ages to get past.
Zujin 28.06.2018
Exactly the same... So, if you believe strong enough, you can go to the moon this afternoon and back in time for dinner? Easy, huh?
Tot 08.07.2018
Do they come knocking on your door?
Faelar 14.07.2018
I think the only marker is women who say "Daddy" and the men who respond to Daddy or self-describe like that are grosser than gross. Kids today...
Gogami 14.07.2018
I cant date you because you told me to cut my hair "you would look better".
Tygosida 15.07.2018
You consider yourself petty for that? Okay. Than I must be SUPER petty! xD
Zurg 21.07.2018
I like both of these rules. Religious education should be done solely with religious funding and religious places and no place of religious learning should be allowed to use the word school, college, university or .edu as part of their literature and assets.
Shara 30.07.2018
I think in that respect we got lucky. Everything damaged is replaceable
Arami 02.08.2018
Blue Cheeses has penicillin injected into it actually.
Mazunris 03.08.2018
I love it how they say the tariffs will hurt American companies. Yet not having them drives down American wages when we are forced to compete against cheap labor.
Basho 12.08.2018
What are homeless people going to do if no one has cash? I always keep about $50 on me. You never know when you will either run in to someone who needs a few bucks, or I need to
Yozshut 20.08.2018
You are an evidence denier
Kagagis 25.08.2018
Thanks its been enough fun already :)
Nemuro 05.09.2018
I've a garage full of U-238 which I want to get rid of before it evolves into lead.
Voodootaxe 12.09.2018
Did I say a graduated tax on income bothers me? Actually, a consumption tax would be a graduated tax. Think about it.
Arashinris 16.09.2018
Traces of Christian's sense of entitlement found in news headlines:
Kejora 17.09.2018
Why would you refer to yourself as pseudo-intellectual? Give yourself some credit.
Vuzil 27.09.2018
Considering when I grew up local The Church of God,Church of Christ,Pentecostal Church,and Three Baptist Churches were all throwing condemnations at each other (Including the three Baptists at each other). Yeah, I gave up on Churches a LONG time ago. If i want to talk to the Creator, no matter what you call him/her/it, I do it by myself.
Malalrajas 30.09.2018
A couple of years ago, my daughter derisively called one of her classmates (and daughter of a friend of mine) a saddlebacker. I had to look it up on the urban dictionary.
Gojin 03.10.2018
All of rational thought, and all of virtue, come from Him alone.
Fenrijin 07.10.2018
I am just trying to be hospitable. They will be close to the DC mall, in a 'diverse' neighborhood with a severe lack of legal firearms due to the fact that no a single conservative would dare disturb the serenity of diversity. ;-)
Vulrajas 14.10.2018
All this talk of "End Times" and sorting goats from sheep reminds me of a children's rhyme, popular with the "Exclusive Brethren" versions of Christianity...
Vudorg 18.10.2018
Me invent false comments? Didn't you say evolution was a fairytale?
Jugal 21.10.2018
No, what makes most people pettywap azzholes and what has destroyed the current political climate is people's unwillingness to base their arguments on logic or fact, rather than emotion and whatever the social meme of the moment is.
Dazshura 23.10.2018
And just what makes you think they are not?
Goltisar 26.10.2018
We do not directly access much of reality. All sensations are "concepts in our minds", and that is all we have to go on, to project an external physical world. It is also all we have to go on, to project an external moral world. Indirect realism is premised on reality being behind the models that match our experiences.
Sazil 31.10.2018
What price did God pay for giving His son? Nothing!

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