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Domination stories malesub November 24, 2014

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There's nothing wrong with being afraid of the Bible. It has cost millions of people their lives down through history. As to its message what more could we possibly extract from it? It has been pored over more than any other book in existence.

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Domination stories malesub November 24, 2014
Domination stories malesub November 24, 2014
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Vizilkree 10.06.2018
Everything is exactly as it's supposed to be. We're not required to think otherwise.
Kenris 15.06.2018
Hold your horses there, old bean.
Kajind 22.06.2018
I tend to discount the lawyers that have been retained.
Magami 25.06.2018
How the Christians would square that with their deity is a mystery for sure.
Ararisar 27.06.2018
The demon code prevents me.... from declining a rock off challenge....
Vilmaran 05.07.2018
Incredible obtuseness. Ring species create hybrids. geeeez And some ring species fail others don't.
Mezijora 10.07.2018
That your attitude is out of line with the entire civilized world. But you're a good Christian so Fvck em eh?
Metaur 17.07.2018
Because blind people having driver's licenses imposes a HUGE danger to literally everyone on and off the road.
Kazrazilkree 26.07.2018
All the bakery needed to do in the beginning was just say no, sorry, we are too busy. Best to try a different bakery.
Arasar 03.08.2018
Sounds like a Microsoft program!
Vihn 11.08.2018
Lactose isn't a person (those).
Mujora 14.08.2018
What about a fluffer? I could make July work.
Tagar 21.08.2018
LOL such a hypocrite. You are all of a sudden against the "fascist police state" but you wouldn't give a crap if they were raiding folks you didnt like.
Dill 22.08.2018
Ah, but that child is an evil witch / Muslim / Christian / of wrong skin color / of wrong parents (highlight whichever is your current preference). That sure makes it perfectly permissible, am I right?
Doukus 26.08.2018
Over a billion people disagree with you.
Moogumi 02.09.2018
Which is the part in which I said take their lumps and recover. The Liberal Party has to have some repercussions for their actions. Non Party Status does that. The people have spoken. So they will rebuild, find a new leader and do so as an unofficial party.
Daijind 03.09.2018
He cant be a Man. Weve all proven that.
Nerg 07.09.2018
That format sounds fine. We can do whatever timeframe you prefer (just not before Friday). I prefer to remain anonymous, so if we can figure out a disqus option, that would be best. But if not, my email I link to disqus isn't one that identifies me. Let me know.
Zuluzragore 12.09.2018
It will be pretty easy to overturn once Trump has a few more judges appointed.
Meztirg 16.09.2018
If she's already been shunned, the deed has already been done.
Kigalkree 23.09.2018
Where's the proof that people are not killed by atheists? Who gives for life for a god that does not exist? If Christ is risen, as Christ says, His followers would be killed. This is proven in history. Who would die for a lie? If 2,000 years of science has not produced proof that Christ is not risen, where's the proof for atheism, then? Christ claimed to be God. He proved it by coming back to life. If that's not true, where's the proof?
Zololkree 28.09.2018
Harper's first win was a message to the Liberals to clean out their house and the second win was a vote of confidence for being able to run government better if unrestrained by opposition obstruction.
Goltishakar 02.10.2018
Yeah but I lie remember?

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