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Why do the 10 commandments apply, but the rule about eating pork not apply?

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Bella Anne
Bella Anne
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Gataur 04.03.2018
That, my friend, is what we refer to as Freudian magical thinking...
Vill 07.03.2018
Yeah, there are. Please, demonstrate that your god is not only real, but the ONLY one out there.
Gardalrajas 13.03.2018
Lmao it will be the best smelling dead spider ever.
Sagami 22.03.2018
Businesses are always looking for competitive advantage and the trend is to associate the level of education with commercial success. If the schools are exclusionary in nature, they can never be developing the best talent.
Zologar 27.03.2018
"the money doesn't find its way to them?"
Tugar 06.04.2018
Yikes. Hope you get through this ok.
Moogusida 11.04.2018
A man after my own heart! Haha
Nikozshura 16.04.2018
Well, if you are going to tap out this early, you need to post a kitten gif!
Moogulkis 27.04.2018
Amish are passivists. Their reasoning on not killing is admirable, but not scriptural. JWs are neutral. They just do not get involved in the warfare and the politics of the nations - any nation - so they are at least following Jesus teaching and example..... Either way, they do not have the bloodguilt other denominations carry of putting their nations above the teachings of scripture.
Kazikora 04.05.2018
No, it's like a skid mark on the underpants of humanity that won't wash out. A curse that has caused us to hate each other and divides us.
Gazshura 11.05.2018
Christianity was developing in the West before the Brits got there....what? And you?re accusing ME of pseudo history?
JoJor 15.05.2018
There is an asymmetry, though. While the scientific method does not strictly exclude any intelligible model, the anti-theist militants actually *do* exclude intelligible models.
Daisida 21.05.2018
Trudeau, you?re next!
Kigagore 22.05.2018
With so many lawsuits and political pressure from so many sides, maybe Trumpito will have a major meltdown and simply bug out to Russia to live out his life in a lovely dacha outside Moscow, the guest of the oligarchs to whom he owes millions - and who he'll have to allow to keep using his properties in 3rd world countries as money laundering machines.
Vihn 24.05.2018
Free will allows you to join him right now. What is stopping you?
Maulkree 30.05.2018
Used to assemble Christmas wreaths of dried ornamentals gathered from local flora, and pink peppercorns were always included.
Gobar 02.06.2018
When I was in school I was pretty good in history.
Gardabei 05.06.2018
Lolz. Bless your heart. Reading is knowledge. Let me know which "big words" confused you.
Dulrajas 11.06.2018
Weird how that would happen when half the state's refuse to participate.

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