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You know that case has never been tested in court? That was invented as a hypothetical when the Supreme Court cracked down on people protesting against US involvement in WW1 I believe.

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Iasbo 2010 french lick French Lick Resort Casino
Iasbo 2010 french lick French Lick Resort Casino
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Vudojinn 24.01.2018
It's unlawful to do lots of things. Bad laws need not be followed.
Milabar 27.01.2018
She should be fined, serve community service, and made to read the comments on the Red Pill sites.
Akinolkis 30.01.2018
What Trump failed to invoke in his joke, is that in WWII, Canada was defending its ally well before the U.S. came on board. Same in WWI. It would be well advised that Trump read his history and understand that Canada stands by its allies. Oh hey Canada helped with that Korean war thing too.
Tygotilar 02.02.2018
Men need saving...
Arasida 11.02.2018
Answer my question.
Mell 19.02.2018
No, there's no must in there. If he doesn't offer sex cakes or swastika cakes, he can refuse. But since he offers wedding cakes, he has to continue offering wedding cakes.
Yozshut 27.02.2018
Yes I did if consciousness resides outside the body then it is independent from the body. If it resides outside the body then it cannot evolve with the body. You hit the nail on the head we could be living in the Matrix.
Shara 04.03.2018
No I can you don't care.
Akinolabar 14.03.2018
And I get that. Which is why I simply pointed out the importance of reading the article. This is only an issue because the author only provided a video and that one photo in the article. And there's no photo of the shooter because he's a juvenile.
Gardazilkree 16.03.2018
Roman citizen was the more important legal distinction. Romans didn't care what odd-ball local faith you followed.
Mezuru 22.03.2018
A thousand upvotes
Zulkitaur 23.03.2018
Yes, a pedantic application isn't what's being discussed though at least by me. Just because I like broccoli doesn't mean I should give it to my fellows. Rather the choice of what vegetables to eat would be the 'rule' I would also recognize in others.
Faugul 01.04.2018
YES! I was so glad to hear that also recently.
Ganos 10.04.2018
I do, but they clearly dont understand the ramifications of their actions. If they did they would be driving, working, voting etc. but they are seen as too young to participate fully in society, we cant then expect them to make adult decisions
Arazragore 12.04.2018
"Culture evolves. Evolution is glacial in its pace"
Karn 16.04.2018
I don't even want sauce on my steak. Unless it's dry as hell and/or bland.
Kizil 21.04.2018
Well, but when you're wrong, you're wrong, and it's perfectly civil for me to point out that you are clearly in a sort of denial mode with regards to my attempts to model the root mechanisms of evolution.
Kajibar 26.04.2018
I can assure you that whatever different way God would have done it, atheists would have complained about it. Almost everytime I browse Disqus, there are atheists who chastise God for failing to stop evil or for allowing cancer. But if God sacrifices a member of his own family to save everyone's soul, that's stupid too.
Baran 03.05.2018
"Some People Are Troubled by the Things in the Bible They Can?t Understand. The Things That Trouble Me Are the Things I Can Understand." Mark Twain
Modal 12.05.2018
What do you think?
Zuluhn 20.05.2018
BACON!!! meat candy!
Moshakar 26.05.2018
Maybe he will do that thread she owes you. :)
Menos 03.06.2018
You're trying to ignore him. he makes a good point. Jesus cursing a tree for not bearing fruit when it's not even proper season makes him sound unhinged. Especially since he's the son of god, or an aspect of god, and really should know better.
Grolar 10.06.2018
The deal is we are supposed to lie with one another in the context of a male-female marriage.
Voodoozilkree 14.06.2018
He is not French either.
Fejin 15.06.2018
Buttery nipples are tasty.
Mutaur 20.06.2018
Stinky Osama from Londonistan! Go and smell up the mosque with your stinky feet!
Kira 23.06.2018
Can I force you to give blood, tissue and organs even if it harms you and might kill you to keep another alive?
Brabei 02.07.2018
Or: "nothing" is a false concept which has limited utility.
Fesida 07.07.2018
Hawking has it backward, "One can't prove that God doesn't exist but science makes God "NECESSARY".
Zulkishakar 12.07.2018
These guy is a idiot !! Who the hell dose he think he is ? So white people can't eat in his neighbour hood even though he is Lilly white guy ? And kids pay to have this moron teach a class ?

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