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Cock Hero: Arcade (2018)

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Cock Hero: Arcade (2018)

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Heroes have to get their hands dirty. Good cowards are the slaves of evil. There will be a time when a police officer has to be willing to fire his gun.

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Vora 26.05.2018
How can you be the son of an OB/Gyn and not know that unprotected sex leads to pregnancy?
Tegis 05.06.2018
I would never do that, of course. But men in prison do that, and they change.
Voodoora 07.06.2018
"Far out in the uncharted
Voramar 15.06.2018
Are you imagining I'm claiming that?
Targ 20.06.2018
This is true. But I also think that people look for reasons to undermine the MeToo movement already even without these kind of situations cropping up.
Sharamar 23.06.2018
A Finnish educator clears the air about all the false claims to their education system ..https://
Mejas 27.06.2018
Because they couldn't read and write. The gospels themselves point to them being largely poor fishermen.
Talrajas 29.06.2018
Yup. Pro-choice doesn't seem to equate with pro-abortion.
Vizil 02.07.2018
LOL . . . and what good cause would that be?
Taurg 07.07.2018
Since you don't seem to grasp what Infinite means I felt the need to contrast that with finite. You still don't grasp the meaning of calling God Infinte.
Voodootilar 09.07.2018
Hiding under a rock does not allow one to understand the reality that is now being presented to our innocent, developing children's minds.
Bakazahn 11.07.2018
Most women who speak up or are assertive are called that at one point or another.
Shanos 21.07.2018
Meh. I can't say that I honestly care in this case. If he knew how to behave himself, he wouldn't be in this pickle to begin with. Only has himself to blame.
Mazukinos 30.07.2018
Michael Brant Shermer (born September 8, 1954) is an American science writer, historian of science, founder of The Skeptics Society, and editor-in-chief of its magazine Skeptic, which is largely devoted to investigating pseudoscientific and supernatural claims.
Vimi 07.08.2018
I don't really go for the dubious "trust everything I say or do without question because I'm perfect" bit.
Balkis 10.08.2018
Im not trying to embarrass you TSunami but you are wrong. The points of those arguments are based around freedom of speech. You really should go read about this if not youre not helping yourself
Dairg 19.08.2018
What about the way the universe operates seems as if there is a god?

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