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"Um, I don't think so", I responded. Then she realized she had a question.

Grosse bite !

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It wasn't an incendiary grenade, it was a gas canister or smoke grenade.

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Grojind 29.01.2018
Mom: Remember how we completely ruined the entire experience for all those folks that had travelled thousands of miles and paid through the butt to do so? You screamed through everything! Ahhh my son :)
Malmaran 07.02.2018
The cart does not mention atheist. The purple column is "Religiously unaffiliated", which in most cases would not be atheist.
Gorr 13.02.2018
Yes, yes, I have seen all this before and argued it endlessly. The phrase "Survival of the Fittest" was added in the 5th edition after the expression was coined by Herbert Spencer. The first four editions got by without it just fine.
Vigor 23.02.2018
And that does not lead to your erroneous conclusion that non-believers are trying to disprove anything.
Doulkree 24.02.2018
LOL. So sad.
Tetaxe 25.02.2018
I just googled this and found many. Here is one of the first google responses:
Samuro 05.03.2018
The writer claims her son is celibate. Indeed some people are life celibates but that is rare rare rare. If her life "fell apart" when she learned her son was gay, imagine the guilt he must feel for being that way. It's fanciful to think a healthy young male is resisting the powerful sex drive and the even more powerful impulse to fall in love. Smart money says he's living a secret life mom doesn't know about in order to preserve her delicate Biblical sensibilities.
Zujin 13.03.2018
I love the name of this web site:
Mezinos 22.03.2018
Lies! You can't help yourself, can you?
Daijora 24.03.2018
Men knew right from wrong long before God and the bible was dreamt up. Moral values don't come from an old book, they come from us as we evolve.
Zulkitaur 27.03.2018
And you are supported because it is with the industrial revolution that the anti-slavery movement begins. Not to mention women no longer need to be subservient. And the men no longer have the excuse of having to escape or relax which is to use any intoxicant. Hence the three great campaigns that mark the early evangelicals which are called the liberal churches now. Because their message really did free humans for the first time. That mixed with a firm embrace of egalitarian ideals acting on the ideals of the enlightenment but now having a real method that worked.
Mooguzuru 02.04.2018
That's the biggest falsehood ever. Religiosity is declining, but not crime. You people need to use common sense and ask older people. Is everyone making that point 20 years old? Plus, crime is underreported now days because police are overwhelmed.
Mekazahn 06.04.2018
Zombie here until caffeine.
Nigore 08.04.2018
It is distraction from Trump - be honest. Let's concentrate on the guy in power before trying to get even with past political opponents.
Meztigor 19.04.2018
I will not bother to go back and extract a few quotes from your prior comments, but no one could mistake your view as anything but decidedly anti Muslim. And you know that.
Vomuro 28.04.2018
If you were interested in facts you would not be religious, I tire of you, go back to Macedonia.
Grodal 07.05.2018
But you don't know if he's sleeping through class everyday now do you?
Maukinos 10.05.2018
That's not even close to what Rom 1:27 says.
Voodoobei 19.05.2018
Hey, Stable Genius, you do at least know that the numbers 8 and 7 are smaller than 10--- right?
Fenriran 24.05.2018
Is there any moral stance which has never changed? In Norman Britain murder could be paid off with blood money. Rape was once quite normal, see the Israelites, Vikings, pretty well any victorious army until relatively recently.
Faelmaran 30.05.2018
I'm reminded of things I don't usually think of. It's pretty much endless the absurdities and oppressions.

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