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The chapters will be getting shorter. When I was free of the bus, I ran all the way home, holding tightly to the diaper and putting my Binky back in my mouth.

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I thought our genetics determined our future.

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La fesse spank
La fesse spank
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If, as you say, "Adam"
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It?s a loaded question.
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I like the implication that if Europeans had been more pious, there wouldn't be a mass migration from the middle east and Africa.
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Oh, it's YOU again.
Mezira 04.04.2018
I know you feel the same way actually.
Nikosar 14.04.2018
It's your posts that did the revealing.
Yozshucage 23.04.2018
that may be because there is so much dissension amongst christians. It's kind of like, if you don't know, how can we?
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Soldiers get lousy pay, always have and always will. There are perks, travel is one of them... Better to work as a contractor though, pays is good, lodgings are usually nicer and unless you are an actual shooter and required to go hunting outside the wire the stress is a lot less.
Zulkitaxe 09.05.2018
Can that not go both ways?
Tatilar 15.05.2018
And you produce nonsense.
Maunos 22.05.2018
No, it doesn't. Millions of people don't accept that gays can marry. Millions don't accept that women can get abortions. Millions don't accept that marijuana is illegal in most of the nation.
Kazragor 28.05.2018
While I was drunk, no doubt.
Meztizilkree 31.05.2018
Who said religion was or needed to be sanitary.
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I'd upvote this 4 times if I could. Maybe 5. This is something that the west has always understood, and it's the reason why individualism, rather than collectivism has always been the underpinning core to western (and many eastern) cultures. Making moral assumptions about folks based on demographics rather than viewing people as individuals with different experience that shapes their beliefs and actions, inevitably leads to a very ugly, ugly place.
JoJole 07.06.2018
you carry pocket tacos with you at all times. and thats just weird.
Ditilar 09.06.2018
cavs need to save whats left of their face, lebron has to take this one, if he gets swept i dont think anyone basketball savy's gonna put him close to michael
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*quickly pens down rough draft of ideas of how to piss off gibbs.
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How then is that an adequate explanation?

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