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We need an irrational belief system (Christianity) to fend off an irrational belief system (Islam)? Fight fire with fire? Christianity has been tamed over time thanks to secular law and exposure to science knowledge. Islam is where Christianity used to be during the crusades and Inquisitions. That's scary to be sure. But you can't enlist people to become Christians as you would enlist people to become soldiers. So whatever illegal acts are committed by Moslems they must be met with secular law, not Christian sensibilities.

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Zulkigis 02.05.2018
Alright, alright, I won't call you sweetheart. Not sure what the huge deal is though. You should go down to Arkansas, you'll be flabbergasted by all the people who'll call you "sugar". Lol.
Taugami 09.05.2018
I'd argue that we do have access to God, specifically through Jesus Christ. But you do have the right to your opinion, and I'll respect that.
Grozuru 19.05.2018
Armstrong's Muhammad book is really just a brief overview. A long wiki.
Mezirr 24.05.2018
Alright, thanks for the info
Shagal 29.05.2018
Incorrect. An insult, no matter how old it is, effectively conveys the opinion of the person throwing the insult of the person for whom the insult is intended. Whether the insultee cares what the other things or believes is irrelevant.
Fegor 06.06.2018
Poor kid, Trump ran a
Tejar 10.06.2018
Party foul. No one held their beer. Stupid counter!
Yojora 14.06.2018
For the most part, Past experiences never bothered me. Depending on their previous experiences, As long as they were std and for the most part drama free.
Taujin 22.06.2018
Yeah.. Wow. Im sorry its so sad.
Taugis 01.07.2018
Love Bob Mould & Sugar.
Makus 11.07.2018
Well someone wears a monocle...
Tygosho 15.07.2018
love the stuff
Mazule 21.07.2018
This should have been done on day one. These are no longer news organizations but propaganda outlets.
Tujora 24.07.2018
I don't know what wizards really are.
Dutaur 02.08.2018
OK. Left-wingers all sound the same, so I probably mixed 'em up.
Vilrajas 05.08.2018
I was never interested in becoming Mormon, just curious and had an interest in learning about it. I get on "binges", start reading, and am sort of unable to stop.
Dailmaran 12.08.2018
Peter Singer would say it is ethically no worse than prenatal abortion, he thinks up to 4 yrs old is acceptable . So that is 750000 in the US alone
Gojind 19.08.2018
Exactly. Different people see things differently, but most people are good people.
Akigar 24.08.2018
And this is why I feel like they should be paid MUCH less, and admired MUCH less. Why do people look up to these intellectual midgets?
Akimi 28.08.2018
That's what I think too. I think it would help their case, tremendously. Especially when you consider most people take the New Testament to be about love thy neighbor etc.
Gazilkree 02.09.2018
He can. He has.
Tygokree 03.09.2018
I was just thinking I should get back to that...
JoJojora 09.09.2018
I know. Some denominations capitulated to the immoral demands. I think they were afraid of losing congregants.

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