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Specifically what lies?

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Daramar 31.05.2018
Well, Christians in the past and even today in some countries, were able to do it even under persecution.
Necage 02.06.2018
"If there were common outside causes in the womb, or afterwards. . .as you say. . .we would find them. We haven't."
Gardagar 05.06.2018
Or it could be revealed as superstition just like every other religion you don't believe in. You're not the first person to say something like this to be proven wrong and you won't be the last
Negrel 14.06.2018
As opposed to congratulating Mr. Ford on the eve of the election results the douchbag will probably announce her retirement from politics. Remember, it's all about her.
Doumuro 17.06.2018
Why, you're not. Your assertion is that not flying the American flag at your house is unamerican, its not.
Shakticage 20.06.2018
I speak the truth. Look at the clear studies of unemployment insurance: When it got extended, what happened?
Kigis 28.06.2018
Correct, we have very good reasons to not believe Smith. We know him and his character. It?s good to know who writes and claim things.
Doujas 30.06.2018
I have both seen and encountered a demon. Until you have, you don?t qualify to judge if they exist or not. That?s well above your pay grade.
Kazizahn 09.07.2018
Just so I am clear, are you this stupid, or just willingly ignorant?
Tole 11.07.2018
Nothing to do with what I said. At all. The court even said such laws were legal and did not give the bigot an exsumption
Arashira 17.07.2018
I know what i said and there is my explanation of what i said
Zunris 23.07.2018
He's in a run-down church in Texas preaching that we're all going to burn in a lake of fire if we don't hate the Others.
Tegor 25.07.2018
And insults dead scientists confined to a wheel chair. A nasty piece of work.
Vitaxe 04.08.2018
*wailing* I knooooow, I don't know what I was thinking :(
Mumi 11.08.2018
So your evidence for everything is the Bible.
Daran 13.08.2018
The idea that the Gospels don't portray Jesus as God is wrong IMO. Even Bart Ehrman said in a blog post that he use to feel this way (and argued this in debates as well), but he changed his mind:
Munos 17.08.2018
yeah, after 35 yrs it would seem that way =)
Mazusar 26.08.2018
1} So, why is the real reason to have all illegal immigrants returned to their own Catholic nations? Beside, the one who select the future Representatives in the House and the Government is the People. That easily manipulated, as it has been done in the WHOLE Latin America.
Tok 28.08.2018
Having been a believer and now a non-believer and I can see the Bible as being true and also not true.

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