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Mature Sky Haven and her mature friend fuck

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Coming from who on the internet?
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Was it really a virgin birth?? Was there really a birth at all!?
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I have to admit, I've changed my mind
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Not sure I follow. A proof is not the conclusion.
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Alien children are animals!
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It is all fraud, scam from the gullible to pad ones bank account.
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"natural selection is not random"
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It's safe to assume that in the absence of guns there would be an absence of gun related deaths, so the right to bear arms must cause deaths. Extrapolate from that. No idea what you mean by your other examples, they aren't designed to kill.
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Not sure what you mean here. There is zero evidence for it before 70 CE. 4 or 5 years back a group of church funded "archeologists " made headlines with the house from "the time of jesuse".
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Are you in the habit of believing everything that comes out of a politicians mouth? I bet your real name is Pollyanna.

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