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I?m beginning to feel like a piece of meat.

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Samumi 18.05.2018
The only thing I found offensive was you trying to throw in the "how about reading the article next time" comment. You could have just written "hey, that girl's the victim of the shooter, but the shooter was also a 13 y/o white kid." Instead, you don't even say in your posting "he" won't be charged as an adult. You leave out pronouns - if you just wrote "he won't be charged as an adult," then I would have realized the pic was not of the shooter.
Tygokinos 24.05.2018
Sorry, but it?s not a matter of anticipating where you?re going, but a matter of you asking the same question about why he objects and expecting a different answer. I gave a range of reasons on why he could object. So you either need to clarify your point or we need to move on.
Mazucage 29.05.2018
Lol Harry and Meghan looked like :| awhile there too.
Mumi 06.06.2018
If that is the only policy then the US economy will under-perform.
Kazrakasa 09.06.2018
It seems you have shut the door on God & your comment was for
Samunos 11.06.2018
"after an escalating number of gang related shootings."
Kagakora 18.06.2018
Looks like they are doing everything possible to stave off a full blown revolt...
Kigahn 27.06.2018
Nah, ... it is not at all difficult to think. It is difficult to think almighty god is good and compassionate while in reality he is horrible blood thirsty sadistic monster. THAT is reality. And no wonder people committed so many atrocities in name of their religion because obviously they were able to turn blind eye on for truth.
Voshura 30.06.2018
Lmao, I'm taking a bat and kicking the shit out of a dog that comes after mine. Sorry doggy, I love all dogs but if it comes down to my dog's life or yours, you got to go lmao.
Mozilkree 03.07.2018
Not my claim. You made the claim, it is your burden to prove. Can you share with me a resource that supports your view?
Mezigar 10.07.2018
1) Ok. So how does preaching at myself and other Christians on the religious channel help you change your laws?
Dijas 17.07.2018
That is your view and you are welcome to it. You do not get to claim it as a fact until you can prove it is correct to others.
Netaur 21.07.2018
I don't know about the GTA, are white people out numbered there? Regardless there's lots of white people all over Ontario that can go out and vote too.
Bragul 29.07.2018
Which is why you never see a Catholic priest or a nun in street clothes with no outward identification. Which explains why celibacy was not required of priests until the fourth century when the church, having gotten too bit for its britches, needed to feel, as you put it, special, chosen and blessed.
Dugar 07.08.2018
I never saw the boots before you mentioned it. I thought it was umbrellas that disappeared into police badges. But now I see the boots....I need to do more work on my visual observations, lol.
Faulkis 13.08.2018
Which, was not created by Christ himself, who said all the old rules still counted. Hell he was more strict on divorce then Moses. Paul however, hated jews, gods he hated them and so did his church.
Tet 16.08.2018
Awwwww damn!! La-foo-shhh
Tushura 19.08.2018
Why focus on one specific issue, religion? I might have done that, 45 years ago. Today, I think that non-religious people are one factor.
Zulkinris 28.08.2018
I always understood that saying prayers clearly was unnecessary, that God knows what you are thinking or some such nonsense.
Gugrel 05.09.2018
Paris and Iran are blowing stuff up.
Kigashakar 10.09.2018
There you go again. You just did it again. That is a logical fallacy. You don't give up on a bad idea that is for sure. The problem is that bad ideas are always bad ideas.
Shakam 19.09.2018
Please give us your opinion on that question.
Dilar 22.09.2018
Religion, like fairy tales are human creations...your beliefs and your gods are fallible.
Mar 03.10.2018
Scientology "clear" maybe.
Dabei 07.10.2018
Long hair is a big deal in the black community too. I think it goes back to favoring a more Eurocentric beauty standard and that's just so wrong. I don't like when fathers are so controlling over their girls' appearance.
Mikarr 14.10.2018
That depends on how strict you will have your definition, but by all intents an purposes obviously the differences are insignificant.
Faular 16.10.2018
Trudeau pressed Trump on how he could justify the tariffs as a "national security" issue.
Akinotilar 20.10.2018
Vosida 23.10.2018
I was a "true" christian for 35 years
Najind 27.10.2018
There's a whole prayer dedicated to Mary specifically (Hail Mary), which you are requested to repeat when going through confession. Additionally, there are other prayers of worship towards Mary that Catholics perform.
Shaktiktilar 02.11.2018
I am pointing out your cherry picking. You are the one who seems upset by that
Shaktimi 06.11.2018
>>"Stars coming from nothing, an explosion happening from a singularity. That is supernatural. If you have space and time, with nothing in it, not any matter at all and then matter appears supernaturally then that is a supernatural event. If I have nothing in my hand and then seemingly spontaneously anything appears in my hand from nothing that did not exist in reality before hand, then it is supernatural."<<
Mutilar 06.11.2018
Your first piece of evidence is flawed.
Tygokree 15.11.2018
So, whenever a scientist comes a point that he can't readily explain, he can just add in that "It was designed that way" and then move on to something else? That sounds really lazy, and also prone to vast amount of error.
Virg 22.11.2018
What if she pulls a fast one and declares herself leader-for-life?

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