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"Hhmm Sandra.

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Is that a picture of a vag at the bottom?

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Hustler weed plant
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Vukora 27.01.2018
It is friday, right?
Karisar 04.02.2018
Prophets use brain power to decipher the bible. Should we not trust them?
Muzil 10.02.2018
Ya, I could go along with that
Goltiran 15.02.2018
I just have to disagree.
Akizahn 25.02.2018
Is it a surprise though? I bet he's got a No Blacks Allowed sign somewhere in the store too, just itching for it to get some use.
Fenrizil 25.02.2018
How would the overall result be beneficial? What's so wrong with having a free market?
Zumi 03.03.2018
There are many ideologies I find harmful and dangerous. What should be done? Try to exterminate them all?
Grogul 07.03.2018
blame for what? cowardly asking Americans to accept bad deals because you lack the nerve to be assertive?
Kazibar 14.03.2018
Yep, if you hate people for being Christian that is bigotry. However, pointing put a christian is being a bigot, is not itself bigotry
Gojinn 15.03.2018
Oh, and by the way, if I misrepresent what you said, then it would seem that in light of a good conversation you would correct me since you think it is obvious that I misunderstood what you were saying. It's not like this form of communication is bullet proof. Sometimes people get things wrong. That is why we take our time and try and discuss things, so we both can get closer to what is the truth.
Voodoorn 17.03.2018
I know for a fact he wouldn't. He's the type to say stupid stuff and not expect folks to call him out on it. Then he'll whine about it when folks who disagree with him gang up on him. What a wuss!
Arashikazahn 19.03.2018
'sup Edward Dolla$
Meztishura 22.03.2018
Making Americans Grovel Again?
Fenrizragore 23.03.2018
There really is no answer; those who need a religious crutch grab for it and those who don't, don't. So long as the theists don't try to impose their morality on society as a whole and the non-believers let the theists worship quietly, we can muddle through.
Ketaxe 24.03.2018
Oh. Well then. Carry on.
JoJogar 03.04.2018
When was god (I guess you need to specify a certain god) kicked out of science? As far as I know science has no comment on god or the supernatural, not because it may not exist but there is no current way to access or verify it. You might as well say magic did it.
Grorisar 13.04.2018
There could be many reasons.
Shajind 15.04.2018
Well first off I didnt say Trump, I said conservative media. Second off even with saying that you're ignoring the times when Trump has brushed all indocumented immingrants with the brish of ms-13. Thirdly, I made it a point to try and stay away from anyone making thst the crutch of their argument and you still bring it up, do you have anything in defense to my comment?
Kazracage 23.04.2018
Friends don't tell friends what they can't do,and they don't break their word to those friends.
Banris 30.04.2018
One of the more helpful things about online friendships is that you can typically read or view material that people have posted.
Shanris 06.05.2018
because Breitbart's commenters weren't (b)right enough.
Gardajind 15.05.2018
The problem in discovery in this case is distance. We do know that there are thousands, if not trillions of planets in what our limited experience calls the sweet spot of a solar system. Some of them are rocky planets like earth and not just gas planets. However, they are many light years away and until we (or they) can solve that little problem, we can only imagine what may be going on out there.
Akiran 17.05.2018
What do you want me to support? I have already provided a reason why it is more probable for God to have conferred conscientiousness than evolutionary biology.
Faudal 17.05.2018
If you mean correcting historical inaccuracies represented by the religious to paint a bad picture of us as a group...yes, that is OP is a representation of some of our personalities. Yes, we do get preachy at times, I can't speak for all atheists, but I come here to challenge religious ideas, as well as correct misconceptions about atheists....but I'm not all atheists either :)
Mooguk 26.05.2018
You are you are exactly right, Ceasar could find no fault in Jesus, He had
Fezshura 30.05.2018
100% belief is not knowledge Kelly. You don?t know any more than any other mortal.

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