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How to Make Humming Bird Food

Making hummingbird food is pretty simple and can be a very rewarding experience. Having a hummingbird receive sweet nectar in the garden while the children play outside is an image that is priceless. The trick is getting the hummingbird to come and be a part of your garden and life. For a hummingbird to be present, one needs to understand what the bird likes to feed on. Hummingbirds love nectar and making your own hummingbird food is a much more economical friendly than buying expensive nectar at a local pet or grocery store.

To create your own hummingbird food you first need to have a hummingbird feeder. Hummingbirds can not smell, so they rely on their eye sight for flowers and food sources. Feeders are relatively inexpensive and purchasing one with bright images is important because the bird is attracted to vibrant colors. You might also want to buy two feeders because hummingbirds are known to be territorial and if the same hummingbird keeps coming back to the same feeder, they could have a problem with another hummingbird coming to eat at their feeder.

Once you have your feeder it is now time to make your very own hummingbird food. All you need to do is have water and sugar. You first want to put one cup of water into a pot and boil it. Once the water starts to bubble, add one fourth cup of sugar and let cool. This is very important because cooling is what really lets the food sweeten and will allow the bird to feed without any problems. Many people want to add food coloring, honey, or artificial sweetener to the nectar; but all these elements add no nutritional value at all. You should keep the nectar simple and sweet with just water and sugar so the hummingbirds keep on coming back for more.

Once your new hummingbird food is ready to go, place it in the refrigerator until it is ready to use. Leaving it outside and not keeping the food cool right away can spoil the nectar. Another important aspect of having hummingbirds eat from your garden is keeping the feeder clean. This is very important and should be done about once a week. You can clean the feeder by using water, vinegar, and a few grains of dry rice to help scrub away any remaining dirt. Making your own hummingbird food is an awesome experience for the whole family and adds a great addition to your garden or anywhere you decide to put the feeder.

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