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How to Make a Bird Cage Cover

One of the most important parts of owning a bird cage is having a bird cage cover. Bird cage covers are vital for owning and taking care of a bird because it provides a dark, comfortable, pleasant environment for the bird to sleep in. The problem with a cage cover is that it can be very expensive if bought at a local pet store or online. If you make the cover properly, a whole bunch of money can be saved, and both you and your flying friend will be very happy with the result.

To build a cage cover you are going to need measuring tape, fabric, a sewing machine, thread, pins, and Velcro tabs. The first step of the process of building a bird cage cover is measuring the cage you have. Measure the length, the width, the top, and the bottom of the cage. You also need to take in to account if your cage is flat or rounded on the top; as this can differentiate the measurements for the rest of the cage.

Next you need to pick out what kind of fabric you are going to use. Birds normally living in a cold climate will benefit from a thick cover material. Birds living in a normally warmer climate will benefit from a thin type of material. Once you have measured the cage and picked out a material, cut out the material for each side of the cage and add 5/8 of an inch to each side that drapes down. Also, do not forget to cut out a section for the top of the cage.

Now you need to bring out the sewing machine and sew the fabric together. Make sure you sew the right side of the fabric and sew the top to all three sides. Hem the bottom of the three sides and the side of the edges and the panels. Next is to sew the front panel to top piece, but do not do that to the sides. Hem the sides and the bottom of the front panel. The final step is to sew the Velcro pieces to the edges of the front panel and the other pieces to the hemmed edges and the side panels. The reason that the Velcro is needed is because it keeps the front panel in place at night. You now have your very own bird cage cover at a relatively inexpensive price. Both you and the bird in your life will be very satisfied with the outcome if the project is done correctly.

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