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How to Build a Bird Cage

Building a bird cage is very important for both you and the winged friendly pet in your life. It is important for you because you do not want the bird to be flying around the house doing whatever it wants. But it is also important for the bird because they will feel secure and will have a place of their own. Building a bird cage is not that difficult and if time and effort is put into the project, your bird will have a home in no time.

First you want to cut six wood pieces to 1x2 by six feet and set them aside for later use. You are also going to need thirteen rail pieces; six for the top of the cage, six for the bottom, and one for the top of the door frame. All these rails are twenty-two and a half inches long with a sixty degree cut on each side. Now it is time to build the side panels by attaching a top rail and a bottom rail to each of the six upright pieces. Use waterproof glue and dowels here for the best result in keeping the creation together. Have the top rail flush with the upright while the bottom rail should be one foot from the edge. On one side of the panels put an extra three foot rail above the bottom rail because this panel will contain the door of the cage.

Now it is time to put together the six side panels, forming a hexagon. Once again use dowels and waterproof glue on this step to keep the cage assembled. Now measure the distance between two opposing uprights and cut two pieces of wood to fit them; one on the top and one on the bottom. The next step is to put two three foot upright pieces on the side panel for the door. Use dowels to lock down the bottom of the uprights to the bottom of the rail and drill two holes through the door rail above each door frame and secure with screws.

It is now time to put on the wire mesh around the framework. When putting on the mesh you should use two 2x25 rolls and cut them into ten and a half foot lengths. It is important to staple the top side of the bottom rails first because you will want to fold it over the top so there are no sharp edges inside the cage. Keep putting the mesh on all sides of the cage and make sure you leave a hole open for the door. Once the sides are covered, move to the top and cover it in the same matter as you did the rest of the cage. Now it is time to make the door, and you can do this by using four pieces of wood and nailing them together. Put the door inside the hole you left open, and attach it using hinges where ever you would like. The bird cage is now finally done and both you and your bird can enjoy the new home you created.

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