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Are you oblivious to the hypocrisy in that statement? I was pointing out the fact that YOU resorted to the "it costs taxpayers money" argument, or what we could call the Appeal to the Pocketbook, when all other arguments fail.

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Swinging wife thumbs
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Zulabar 12.02.2018
Hi Eman, welcome to the conversation! First of all, let me say that the scripture in Zech and Isaiah is to have been fulfilled during the Maccabean wars around 70 AD.
Jugami 21.02.2018
Paul Shaffer is a great keyboardist.
Zulkizuru 02.03.2018
LMAO, Pence will NEVER be president. I applaud your zeal, but you clearly don't know what is happening.
Kejas 04.03.2018
You specifically asked a question. You even put a "q" inside of parentheses. I asked a question and reply to yours. Smarten up
Dolabar 14.03.2018
Sorry, you're being completely dishonest. The USA is not a paraduse for gay people. Gay people suffer discrimination on a daily basis, in housing, employment, etc... there are still church groups that openly advocate for killing gay people. Some links are already here.
Faujinn 25.03.2018
I'm replying just in time for your meeting to be over, but good luck!
Dilmaran 28.03.2018
Lol because it wasn't the charcoal.. What she really meant was:
Bragal 28.03.2018
We have to simplify it for you special needs trumptards. ;)
Yonris 01.04.2018
Or KAG could mean kiss a guy
Ketilar 10.04.2018
Thank you for your integrity Ms. Wynne, NDP or Liberal, you can't go wrong.
Kacage 18.04.2018
It's not strictly a violation of rights. If it causes any harm to others.
Mezile 28.04.2018
I believe there is a possible misconception here. Jesus associated with sinners while he lived on Earth, if we are to believe the Biblical account which is composed of eye witness accounts. Nowhere does it endorse bigotry. However, neither does it endorse sin. The ideas in the Bible are stunningly applicable to the modern world. Where it gets foggy is, as mentioned in the OP, with cases such as the baker. His decision was perhaps not entirely Biblical, however he did interpret holy texts as such: he owns a Christian business, and because of this, he must be upholding values through this venue. Christian theology claims homosexuality to be immoral. Perhaps the equivalent in Jesus' time was the tax collector. One of Jesus' close followers was a tax collector, and Jesus didn't endorse his greed by allowing him to handle the money of the group, but rather he accepted him with open arms and loved him, encouraging him to let go of his sin and enabling him to grow morally. As such, the baker, through his own interpretation, decided he would offer an alternative, trying to love while not endorsing the sin, and enabling it.
Goltigrel 28.04.2018
Individual religious people and nonmajor religions that are more inclusive or progressive are why I didn't say all here. But the vast majority of people who would think as you do are either part of a larger religion that is absolutely imperialistic in nature and wants power over the state or are nearly inconsequential in terms of religion.
Vosar 08.05.2018
What can you do...we're humans..

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