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Those CDC studies are outdated. The last one was done in the mid 90s where the aids epidemic was particularly high. There isn?t a lot of difference between heterosexual and homosexual couples in the current day.

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Orgies for fourties
Orgies for fourties
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Mezijas 11.02.2018
At the core of it is insecurity coupled with the need for competition and a need to reinforce to themselves that the decisions they are making are the 'best ones'.
Tygolrajas 18.02.2018
Yes, fundamentalists cannot reconcile in their minds that any God they believe in would create a homosexual. They need to read their Bible more.
Doujora 24.02.2018
Kent Hovind, just another christian hypocrite who disobeys the word of god.
Douramar 02.03.2018
Greater authority? That's like putting a sticker on your house "Protected by Acme Security". The idea is nice but no one looking from the outside believes it.
Voodoomuro 09.03.2018
" theism is just a belief that a god exists, just as atheism is just a lack of that belief. Neither atheism nor theism prescribe a particular set of morals. If you want to compare moral systems to Christianity than you should examine and compare secular humanism or some other moral philosophy."
Kerg 19.03.2018
Yep. To you it is just a "version". But to Us Christians it is the Truth. We have experienced this. So if you take a look at this topic over at the Christian Channel you will get the views of the other Christians and then you can better judge if this is just my version or perhaps accepted by all. And if it is accepted then it is the Truth.
Nikolmaran 28.03.2018
Many of us have spent decades begging theists to provide the actual evidence for their claims. They never do.
Mazukinos 07.04.2018
ICE agents carry guns for a reason.
Kagak 12.04.2018
Technically I agree but I would for sure not tell to i.e. 18. years old kid ... well ... you know tooth fairy we do not know 100% if does not exists in some remote part of universe. :-) Even this theoretically is possible for sound conversation for sure tooth fairy does NOT exists. Until proven differently.
Bakus 18.04.2018
For the majority, Justice Kennedy wrote that ?the Colorado Civil Rights Commission?s consideration of this case was inconsistent with the State?s obligation of religious neutrality.? The opinion adds that ?the reason and motive for the baker?s refusal were based on [Jack Phillips?s] sincere religious beliefs and convictions,? and condemns the ?clear and impermissible hostility toward [Phillips?s] sincere religious beliefs.?
Malakinos 26.04.2018
Lol lucky. He likes going on long walks until we have to turn around. Then he purposely walks SUPER slowly. Sigh my dog is so weird. He is also terrified of his own farts. I had to walk him two times yesterday morning because he kept farting and scaring himself. He would get ready to do the poop squat, fart, then jump a foot in the air, come down and scurry away. Then he always gives me an accusatory glance. It?s the strangest thing.
Tojazuru 01.05.2018
Outlawing one form of oppression surely oppresses someone else.
JoJosida 04.05.2018
"But your Vatican and your Pope knew about it AGAIN and did absolutely NOTHING to stop it"
Dujora 08.05.2018
Your family situation isn't really something you can keep on the down-low (and if you try, that's a whole separate issue altogether).
Tumuro 17.05.2018
Tested it. Zero evidence the Jesus birth story is possible. Zero evidence any human including a Jew named Jesus came back to life. Jesus said it would all come to pass in his generation, it didn?t. You do not accept common descent with it?s mountains of evidence but you take someone?s word you do not know.
Nahn 27.05.2018
Well a true bleiever also doesn't discriminate against gay couples.
Dogis 03.06.2018
The way you keep referring to breeding with a woman is really turning me on. Watch yourself, now.
Shakagor 11.06.2018
Well, it's entirely unhelpful to us egalitarians who would generally not wish to turn anybody away.
Vubei 21.06.2018
I hate when my dream self is in his underwear or is naked and nobody seems to notice.
Gashicage 27.06.2018
You asked for it. Not me. I didn't vote for this circus.
Brabei 05.07.2018
nah, he just trimmed them
Shaktijas 09.07.2018
Ella, good seeing you hanging out.
Samuhn 10.07.2018
Yet it also borrows heavily from Confucianism and humanism. To say that our morality is Christian in nature ignores the fact that Christian morality condones slavery and genocide and rape.
Zulkigore 11.07.2018
I just can't take it any more. I do try to not insult people personally and respect those people who have beliefs that make no sense to me. But still... W....T....F mike and Jeffrey? This is total madness.
Voodoole 13.07.2018
You are just doing it again. I am an atheist but I do not fall into your stereotype. The worst I have ever said is that no human has it right.
Nek 22.07.2018
In my mind, yes. But, that's how I feel, and my feelings should have absolutely no bearing on another woman's medical and life choices.
Tygolkis 31.07.2018
Congress can't control spending. The Tax Cuts should have come with deep cuts in government waste.
Vobei 02.08.2018
Again, confusing epistemology with ontology.
Vutilar 07.08.2018
Aren't I always? DON'T ANSWER THAT!
Mooguzil 15.08.2018
Wouldn't the in extremis problem with "advising youths" be: should the church bear moral responsibility if the youth they advised commits suicide?
Dilkree 25.08.2018
I agree with you most of the time, but it really sounds like you're the one to come here and whine about an old story. Just move on. I don't understand your concern with something so trivial.
Goltisho 29.08.2018
No everyone doesn't. Just check out some of the fetishes people are into (necrophilia [dead], Coprophilia [feces], Xylophilia [wood]), or look at the ideal woman from different times, or the neck rings of some African cultures, or foot binding practices of some Asian cultures. The list goes on and on.

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