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LOL that's me every morning.

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Nude hang outs in new england
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You can just dip the Biscuits in the
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"I think that in almost all cases, a person wanting to eliminate or change same-sex attraction do so because of either internal pressure (as a result of learned religious beliefs, for example), or outside pressure from family, society and culture, peers or his or her religious community."
Dile 13.04.2018
I didn't say it was wrong. Just sad.
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The reality is that this is not an uncommon characteristic at all among human beings or our social organizations. Politics is similarly a big tent. People find some common ground under a particularly banner or symbol, and yet no two people believe alike. People should absolutely strive to defend their positions (not only to others, but also to themselves). But no one need ever defend against why their belief differs from another's. There should be no wonderment at why Christians differ so much from each other, as the same can be said of Atheists, Liberals, Conservatives, Artists.
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No that?s certainly true. But then what made him so memorable if he actually lived. He?s great as a patriarch and a fictional founder but why would his story survive so long if the faith took a thousand years to evolve. Seems that the timeline is off.
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How can i blame if im dead? Lol
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By 2050? Quite possibly not.
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Wow, the Warriors were whipping the ball around on that possession.
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Learn how to tell the difference between assumptions and reality. That article is about assumptions.
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You dont have anything to offer at least on the socialist argument. Very well. We can leave it here.
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Finally, someone agrees w/me. You cannot lay wars at the feet of a
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Really? You don't believe God exists, yet you are convinced He infected these folks with Ebola? How does
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I chuckled at that reply.?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
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I do like this part of that assessment from the FBI
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Keep her in mind. A lot of other voters will be. Trump= Bill Clinton.
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Or she might not have existed at all which makes even more sense, especially as neither Mary nor Joseph are mentioned in any of the Pauline letters, the earliest New Testament writings.
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Hey! RO...been a while, eh?
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I believe the words as spoken publically by Comey himself, regardless of the media upon which that televized report was carried.

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