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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an outdoor bird aviary?
A: These items provide a truly special treat for pet bird lovers as these items create the most natural setting for birds. This means that pet bird owners get to enjoy the fact that their pet birds are most certainly more happy. And pet bird owners also get to take part in the immense enjoyment that comes from viewing their pet birds in a more natural setting. It is within this more natural setting that pet birds are granted the ability to act more like birds in the wild. As part of this, these aviaries are built to be large enough to actually allow birds to take flight. This has led to many different pet bird owners to stop clipping the wings of their pet birds quite as much, allowing them enough of a wing length to fly around within their extra large confines.

Q: What are some of the best parrot supplies?
A: While parrots are an absolute joy to own, they can still prove to be a bit tricky to care for at times. To help you with this responsibility we have put together an immense selection of supplies that are made specifically for parrots. You can look forward to products such as organic based parrot foods that are made without harsh chemicals, helping your parrot achieve the best diet possible.

You can also look for certain items that may often go overlooked during the course of caring for your parrot. These include items such as misters. These items are specially designed to spray a gentle mist of water on your parrot which helps accomplish a few important things such as gentle cleansing, helping them to stay cool during especially hot weather and for simple and inexpensive refreshment.

Q: Is new food safe for my pet bird?
A: Regardless of how healthy the new food is that you bought for your bird you will want to make sure that you gradually introduce it into your birdís diet. Even if you are switching from a rather unhealthy options to a much healthier food choice a sudden change in your birdís diet could cause them physically harmful stress and even make them violently ill. Instead of a quick and sudden changeover, you will want to mix a bit of the old food with the new food and then gradually reduce the ratio over a few days until you can eventually feed them nothing but the new food.

Q: What is the best humming bird food?
A: A typical part of a hummingbirdís diet is actually made up largely of eating insects. These insects provide a large percentage of the protein that these special types of birds require in order to maintain the immense number of wing beats per second. If you look carefully enough you should be able to find some specialty humming bird items that either include specially prepared and preserved insects themselves or at least have special food prepared that naturally mimics the proteins found in those insects. However, what has continued to probably be the more popular of the choices of food for these fine little feathered friends are the various nectar products. Itís important to note that if a humming bird nectar is made incorrectly it could actually damage the humming birdís liver. This makes it especially important to first consider those that have been made by a professional.

Q: How do I safely transport my pet bird?
A: These specialty carriers for pet birds are specially designed to provide a very safe temporary home for your fine winged friend. Most of these items are made with a very careful design that provides just enough of a solid structure around them to keep the bird safe while also not be so rigid as to cause any potential harm to your bird. These designs take into account the natural movements of your bird and take those considerations and incorporate them seamlessly into their design phase.