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Discount Bird Cages

Just because an item is provided at a discounted price definitely does not mean you canít still expect excellent quality from it. This is especially true of the latest options for discount bird cages. These are made with all the same quality materials that are often found in the high end models of cages. However, thanks to intelligent marketing and smart relationships between manufacturers and distributors you can now take advantage of some of the best deals on pet bird cages to ever grace the Internet.

One of the most popular options for these discount models is the type that is made with stainless steel framing. Manufacturers have perfected the use of stainless steel and can now manipulate it more efficiently and accurately than ever before. This means that the prices continue to drop on these durable, well rounded items.

An even more recent trend in pet bird cages is the use of acrylic. This material looks similar to plastic but actually features an even better visibility rate than glass. It should be noted that there are two fundamental types of acrylic that can be manufactured, including extruded and cell cast. The extruded type is sometimes referred to as continuous cast acrylic and is often made with less expensive materials or through a cheaper process which can lead to a surface that is easier to scratch. This means youíll most likely want to look for those that feature a cell cast process since you want the best functionality possible from your cage.

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