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I can't date you, because you're a sexist a-hole.

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Private erotic hypnosis sessions
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Maunris 08.02.2018
someone else mentioned that and I totally agree. That is a fair criticism
Vudole 12.02.2018
Do the ol switcharoo (have someone order one to your specifications then add anything additional to it)?
Kegor 19.02.2018
Dammit I was over at LHN and missed all of this?!?!?!
Moogule 22.02.2018
How about Trump - Saul/Paul
Shakajinn 28.02.2018
I don't consider myself a big government type. Wouldn't a big government type want the government to know everything, including what they were doing? Seems a bit backward to me.
Dimuro 07.03.2018
This is my favorite scientific reply from
Dousida 13.03.2018
You're looking for an escort? Now that backpage is gone I think you'll have to drive around keeping your eyes open. If you see one winking at you as you drive by a helluva good chance she's a working girl.
Golkree 21.03.2018
Absolutely. Goes without saying.
Tekus 29.03.2018
One drop, everyone loses their minds:( :(
Takus 04.04.2018
Standing in your convictions is done in varying ways...some delusional, others based in well thought out, contemplated/quantified facts, truths & realities. Knowing and being able to recognize the difference helps immeasurably. Some folks you agree to disagree with you honor & respect...others you pity. Recognizing the varied shades of grey between black & white is often an exercise in holding oneself accountable for awareness of what you do NOT know and providing for that reality. I find the more effusive, crazed a person gets in a debate/disagreement, is often indicative of how the point you may be making strikes the intended target. I don't need others to agree...I put more value on another's ability/willingness to listen & hear other POV. I also have more respect for those who at least flat out say to my face that they disagree than those who pretend otherwise or remain silent rather than take a stand one way or the other. JMO
Vigal 05.04.2018
Me to boss: I'm not seeing a LinkedIn account for us. I'm going to create one, unless you know if we have one or not.
Vozuru 10.04.2018
"Unconscious rocks turning conscious" defies basic principle of cause and effect, or reality being observed, where logic or good reason is based upon.
Kegore 11.04.2018
Those, yes. But that's universally evil! :P
Arashibei 21.04.2018
It is invalid on so many accounts.
Faubei 29.04.2018
Good call, I'm along the same lines but I will teach them (well am), that St. Nicholas was a real Bishop in Turkey, that he started the tradition of gift giving on the day of Christ's mass, and therefore tradition is bad ass...
Faegal 05.05.2018
Not exactly. GOD came into the earth in the shoes of HIS son to bail HIS son out of hell. HE needed the very system of the earth and death to tag HIM, or recognise HIM as Adam (H.E), to take HIS sons place as the seed that had to die to bring forth much fruit (John 12:24)
Mihn 06.05.2018
1. is he gay? cause that sounds like something a gay man would say.
Voodoorr 13.05.2018
Your idea that suffering is trivial or non-existent in rural life is fascinating, as well as your belief that rural folks lack empathy. As one who has lived the city life and the rural life and the suburban life, and having lived overseas among Greek Orthodox and Turkish Muslims, I can plainly see that *you* are the one who needs exposure to the real world.
Grolar 16.05.2018
So this wasn't about whether he could legally discriminate against gays?
Tojall 26.05.2018
" I am sending him?who is my very heart?back to you. 13 I would have liked to keep him with me so that he could take your place in helping me while I am in chains for the gospel. 14 But I did not want to do anything without your consent, so that any favor you do would not seem forced but would be voluntary. 15 Perhaps the reason he was separated from you for a little while was that you might have him back forever? 16 no longer as a slave, but better than a slave, as a dear brother. He is very dear to me but even dearer to you, both as a fellow man and as a brother in the Lord."
Golkis 28.05.2018
I know. It makes zero sense.
Mikajora 04.06.2018
Yes, business owners do, however that shouldn't matter. Because the business itself is not the business owner. And that business owner has a business license ensuring it is following the law.
Bragore 09.06.2018
I hate the 'how can there be a god with all the suffering in the world" argument. I prefer the 'no evidence' argument. Suffering in the world is too easily explained by the hypothetical existence of a deist god.
Kagalar 16.06.2018
I'm not at all surprised about that.
Kagasar 22.06.2018
The natural course of humans is to move away from believing in God?
Kashicage 30.06.2018
11,300 infants die each year in the US.
Gardashicage 05.07.2018
Shhh, he only likes to be referred to as Big Dick at the sunday service in his kids mosque.
Kazil 14.07.2018
yes, the consequences for wearing the wrong cloth is death by stoning
Taubei 15.07.2018
I didn't see anything convincing...
Akinokree 25.07.2018
Just wanted to randomly say my dreams make NO sense
Kajigor 31.07.2018
Lol. Yeah, kinda makes a statement. we as a non religious household love Christmas. It is what it is and a greta time to be with family. To each his own and F the PCers who think it's offensive. I have tons of Muslim clinets and the only people offended by Merry Christmas are a certain kind of lefty. Not that I'm right. I just don't like be told what to do or think.
Nill 02.08.2018
Sounds a bit cultist ?...... Religion can become negative instead of a learning enlightenment from primitive to modern day, if it does not evolve with the times.
Voodookora 09.08.2018
i embellish all the time. sometimes it is a bold faced lie, other times it is just a slight skewing of the facts. both are designed and delivered to get me what I want without regard to others.
Digore 17.08.2018
They just report on evidence. You'll gain insight into human development and psychology.

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