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It's in the Quran and the hadiths and Muslims take those pretty seriously. But if you hit a Muslim who considers those unimportant I guess they'd be as capable of dishonesty as anyone else.

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Zuluktilar 28.05.2018
Sure he did, you just have to speak his language. Let me help...
Yomuro 05.06.2018
Frankly I really don't care what you choose to call them.
Mekasa 09.06.2018
Am I supposed to be impressed with slightly higher than inflation wage growth?
Zolole 17.06.2018
I agree completely. But I think he?s talking not so much about the animal relationships as he?s saying that the ?design? is so poor that these relationships have to exist when they?re logically dead ends for the species involved.
Faejar 20.06.2018
They're not abusive on the equipment, although the car suffers more damage at their hands. It's much harder to keep clean, but at least they're past the stage of jamming fruit leather in between seats. :)
Doudal 22.06.2018
I thought they had nixed that issue. I guess not.
Tumuro 26.06.2018
You mean young earth creationists. Please be specific. You continue to think there's only one kind for your strawman.
Tojakinos 01.07.2018
That was not an apology. If anything you were rubbing it in, by doing the exact same thing that she asked you to stop doing.
Jugore 02.07.2018
I probably self body shame more than throw some shade at another person.
Ferisar 11.07.2018
Both sides can be guilty of confirmation bias.
Dam 12.07.2018
Sounds good. I just tagged you in a comment in a place that we can talk about this on disqus.
Dujora 21.07.2018
Eh that works too. Or back depending on anatomical positioning.
Arashikora 30.07.2018
Of course. He had all those super models in his video plus $$$$ in the bank.
Dizragore 31.07.2018
I am, always open to change, when it is known as a truth. If one is unable to be flexible in their beliefs then they will always be unaware of continuing truths, everything changes, stagnation is complacent.
Kejinn 10.08.2018
What does that have to do with intrinsic spiritual morality? A law is not an objective morality it is a morality subject to the will or acceptance of the majority. It is neither intrinsically moral nor is it immoral. It is simply the application of force by the majority to bring about compliance of the whole to the subjective morality of the majority.
Toktilar 15.08.2018
Changing the subject now that your claim had been proven false?
Vobar 16.08.2018
It should have stayed with the states. The people decided, either by direct plebiscite or via their legislatures. When it was on the ballot in my state, I voted.
Sarg 18.08.2018
Well, different stroke for different folk; I suppose when you've got bored with the violence and criminal insanity of the megavillains of modern fiction you have to turn somewhere... what better than the horror of an all-powerful supernatural entity that commands for genocide, slavery and torture and intends to have the majority of folk tortured forever?
Nekinos 21.08.2018
And thus unnecessary.
Mukus 27.08.2018
the Gay men hookup spot is the GYM
Vikree 05.09.2018
A kingdom where everyone is equal and all resources are shared. There is no class system between individuals. That is, by definition, a communist state.
Shaktijind 15.09.2018
Doesn't even matter. Saying that Christianity is responsible for this scientific breakthrough or that scientific breakthrough is like saying Confusionism is responsible for gunpowder, the crossbow and paper. In fact, it's ancient Greek culture that is most responsible to Western culture and advancements.
Fenrilkree 15.09.2018
Two of my favorite muppets! Sam the Eagle and Janice from Electric Mayhem there in the background.
Namuro 21.09.2018
It only takes one. Falsify the current evolutionary model and then propose a new better explanation for what is observed. Get it peer reviewed until there is consensus and it becomes the new model. That is how it works.
Vogami 27.09.2018
You did bring in the word....( Intelligence) .It is your Truth not maybe the Truth.
Tauk 06.10.2018
Amen to that. I just don't like to say, "Someone has to do something" if I can't come up with a suggestion. The marijuana problem seems easy enough and maybe as someone suggested, coke. Think of the tax revenue. But beyond that, we as Americans seem to want to self destruct. Prohibition and alcohol are perfect examples. I'll drink to that.

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