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Bird Treats Recipes

Everyone likes a tasteful treat. Yet, we express the way we receive our treat differently; like if we would rather receive a massage, skip a class, or indulge in a piece of cake. Treats tend to be given when one does something good, or does an act worth being applauded for. Birds receive treats based on boosting nutrition in their diet or just out of shear love their owners have for them. Whatever your reasons for wanting to give your pet bird a little treat, you must have the perfect bird treat recipes on hand.

You must first be aware of what ingredients are good and what ingredients are bad for a birdís diet. They have different bodies then humans and digest foods differently so one must be fully knowledgeable. A birdís body responds to chocolate and avocado as being toxic. You must also limit the intake of caffeine, sugar, and salt because too much of it will mess up the way a bird can breath. A birdís diet should consist of a handful of seeds, fresh vegetables, fruits, and some specialty treats. Most people make treats for birds during the winter season because they tend to already be in the kitchen. Also during the winter season, wild birds that are not kept as pets tend to venture in to peopleís homes. Birds like cardinals or swallows enjoy the company of humans who give them little treats. Three of the most loved recipes by birds include vanilla custard, pasta and cheese, as well as birdís risotto. Vanilla custard tends to be most popular because it is holiday specific. It includes these ingredients two cups of milk, two large eggs, three tablespoons of honey, and some hot water.

After mixing all the ingredients in a bowl, the custard is placed to bake for 30 minutes, and then put in the fridge to cool. Pasta and cheese sounds like only a human delight, but it cooks just the same as when you make it for a bird! The ingredients are one cup of macaroni, mixed vegetables, and a cup of cottage and cheddar cheese. It is then cooked like you would cook pasta for yourself to enjoy. Instead of giving the dog left overís from the dinner table, you can give them to your bird. The third recipe is most specialized for birds, yet is the most simple to make. Its ingredients contain three cups of cooked rice, a cup of your birdís favorite vegetables, and a hard-boiled egg sliced up. After mixing them all together you have yourself a birdís only risotto. A treat is something that is enjoyed by almost everything on the planet. If we focus on animals, food tends to be the best way to treat them. When a dog is taught to be potty trained he is rewarded with food, when an elephant performs well at the zoo they also receive a treat, and also to balance your birdís diet and also give them a reward out of love, you give them a treat consisting of food.

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