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Bird Cage Cleaner

A bird cage cleaner is an essential part of the daily life of a bird and its owner. Nobody likes to live in a messy house and a bird is no different. Everyone wants to feel clean and pure inside so they can get on with their day. The fact of nature is that birds will have to go to the bathroom. If an owner did not have a cleaner then its feces would be all over the place and they would have deal with the smell and the mess all day long. Having the cleaner would be great for the owner because it is so convienient and would make life so much easier for everyone involved in taking care of the bird.

People will not have to worry about having their house smell like bird waste or having the waste fall out of the cage and onto the floor. Bird cleaner can be found in a local pet or grocery store, or one can even create some at home. All you need is a spray bottle, three cups of hot water, three tablespoons of baking soda, and two table spoons of lemon juice. Yes, this does sound like a weird combination but it does actually work! Even though this is a strange combination, it is a wonderful selection compared to the other, sometimes toxic cleaner, found in the local supermarket. Having a cleaner around is a great way to keep the cage and bird in the house clean, while still enjoying the wonderful presence of a bird singing its beautiful songs.

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