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Kelly ?Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war?. I assume that is must be the anthem of the Salvation Army.

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Sharg 22.01.2018
Yeah, there are. From historians. Not atheists.
Faumuro 30.01.2018
I think the issue can't really be handled effectively until it becomes about women, children, and men who are being taken advantage of in Hollywood.
Gagore 06.02.2018
Only person who calls them the funnies is a Communist!
Nikotilar 17.02.2018
So I am to believe that a god you have no evidence for suspends birth laws or perhaps a young Jewish mynx is lieing about an illigitamate pregnancy? You better have fairly strong evidence for the prior and I don't consider quotes from an ancient man-made Bible as evidence.
Doujin 17.02.2018
There will always be luddite knuckle draggers
Gubar 26.02.2018
Sure! Why not? At least he's not wallowing in misery right now as you most certainly are!
Tejora 01.03.2018
You keep trying to make that link, but you haven't been able to support it.
Grogar 06.03.2018
He may have been talking to you. :)
Gardagor 14.03.2018
omfg. it's like we work at the same place.
Arashiramar 23.03.2018
I don't know if gays can be "Christians", but I do know that if I were gay, I would not bother with religions that didn't want me.
Arakazahn 25.03.2018
But it matters if it is Christian vs non-religious?
Akik 30.03.2018
So you make no claims? Denying Jesus are You?
Gardat 01.04.2018
If... I... knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake! Baked a cake! Baked a cake!
Malalkis 02.04.2018
Not at all. Im enjoying watching you bend yourself into a pretzel trying to avoid the topic. Its entertaining, do continue...
Didal 12.04.2018
how much will you be writing that cheque for?
Naran 20.04.2018
Assuming it's an open relationship, he's still trying to make a woman in a relationship cheat through obviously uncomfortable and secretive actions.
Kajitilar 26.04.2018
SoS. Hey. As I posted before you yourself claimed that you are not a baker and don?t proof things. Why should I bother to offer proof, when I can just offer snark and watch TV
Nikus 01.05.2018
Makes no sense. Impossible to enforce what someone thinks only what they do.
Goltik 05.05.2018
this actually makes perfect sense, people should select where their tax dollars go to when filling IRS and stuff, therefore people would dictate the national budget for each thing the state does with their money - this is the path towards true democracy, imo.
Vuzahn 14.05.2018
I might leave them for practical purposes. We do get hail out here, and it can get pretty big out in the countryside. A baseball sized chunk of ice can cause some damage at terminal velocity.
Shaktilrajas 24.05.2018
Majority Christian countries that are *secular* are for the most part more tolerant. This is the key difference. Before Christian countries were primarily secular they were not tolerant at all. So the credit doesn't go to Christianity (or any religion, for that matter) but to secularism.
Zuluzragore 01.06.2018
@ carrstone, why? Because you are here.
Vusho 04.06.2018
It's unfortunate really, just yesterday a poster here implied you all had an 'echo chamber' of sorts going, rife with bias in your views, and I thought i was reasonable when I suggested most the other people who post here were also reasonable people with various viewpoints.

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