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Never stated that God changes, there is no God so it is a given that nothing can change.

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Softcore website video
Softcore website video
Softcore website video
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Tojakora 27.06.2018
0, because God is silly, childish, pathetic, absurd and ridiculous. It's like saying Superman made everything.
Nagul 07.07.2018
I thought you were a moron, right again.
Voodoolkis 15.07.2018
Ah ha ha .. what a hypocrite!
Dijora 15.07.2018
Rule of thumb is: if you have to ask, you already know the answer. However, only you walk in your shoes. Do you value your sanity? To truly give him a second chance, you have to forgive and forget. Personally, I'm not that strong. Trust is a hard thing to get back.
Nagrel 23.07.2018
Yeah, just a country boy. Haven't learned to eat hummus on a cracker with my little pinky sticking up yet.
Zolojar 31.07.2018
Oh, I know. Should people have to pay the full load though - and for how many years?
Jular 04.08.2018
I knew you would not bother reading my reference and you apparently do not have one to back you claim OR opinion. Intellectually lazy and wilfully ignorant. You are correct in one regard:
Dagor 05.08.2018
If you can't figure out how not being subservient to a supranational power is MAGA, then you are too stupid to waste my time. Block me, weenieboy.
Gakus 05.08.2018
Well, there is a passage in the bible that indicates we're an example to the universe, I'll try and find it again, I know I noted it down somewhere.
Vocage 07.08.2018
Bye bye Cleveland. You. Lose
Nalkis 08.08.2018
Again, that is not why people need God.
Shakalabar 11.08.2018
How do you know that your experience isn't simply a mental aberration, then?
Zulushura 18.08.2018
Option 3 is an excellent way to handle a situation like this. Actually they are all good ideas. Talking to people in a respectful way yields better results every time. You are right, these folks often know each other.
Zurg 25.08.2018
Far be it from me to trigger you [see what I did there]?, but what's 'gun control' other than a moral issue?

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