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Sex position with your husband

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Are you done recording me sucking your big black cock?

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What about the cake offended him? What artwork or words did the couple request that this bigot objected to? Did they demand he use gay flour? Homosexual eggs?

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Sex position with your husband
Sex position with your husband
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Kebei 03.02.2018
We're human beings, we can control our own birth rate.
Mezisar 07.02.2018
dream on... trump 6 more years, pence 8, ivanka 8... get used to it...
Zolojar 16.02.2018
We frequent the Re-Store, run by Habitat for humanity. freaking awesome place. You's be amazed at the stuff you can find.
Doull 18.02.2018
Thank you. That makes a lot more sense.
Faemi 20.02.2018
Chasing metaphors and moonbeams. I sympathize, believe me I do.
Maubei 01.03.2018
You are wilfully ignoring my comments.
Arakus 09.03.2018
I take that back, I see the claim above. Why are you not posting actual links so that we can discern the information source for ourselves?
Nezragore 19.03.2018
What religion states there is no life anywhere but on earth?
Shakakazahn 26.03.2018
They call it a Louisville slugger for a reason.
Shakara 04.04.2018
For some of the people who complain about their SO's behavior in that department I'm like "Dude. If a single person would deserved to be slapped for it, you need to hurry up and leave him/her single so they can get what's coming to em. Otherwise, bringing attention to it usually does more harm than good."
Dataur 07.04.2018
Could be ugly. We may need to give Chris CPR, or just let him lay and drink his beer and eat the shrimp.
Meztim 16.04.2018
Now youre the one that's deflecting. Its so interesting how some atheists on this channel are so quick to defend Islam when it is clear as day that some of their rherotic actually kills people, here and in the UK. Turning a blind eye, for what?
Dirg 24.04.2018
You're the one who claimed all those millions supported blasphemy laws.
Tugrel 25.04.2018
No, it was not about a coin. The Jews wanted Jesus to choose sides, so to speak, so that the Jews could then stir up a riot among the people.
Dijar 03.05.2018 really just want to hate on people, don't you?
Dakree 07.05.2018
NONE of those "histories" have anything to do with "I invented the internet" Al Gore.
Vukasa 18.05.2018
So to be a "good" white person to Paladin and other New Left zealots, they have to be anti white or at least ambivalent toward their heritage while everyone else expresses pride. Typical lefty racism.
Tojazilkree 24.05.2018
Pascal's is something different altogether. There's no shame in coming to god at the moment of truth. You're welcome here. *Genuflects*
Douhn 30.05.2018
I vote Tex. He's man enough to take it.
Zulkik 06.06.2018
Notice how that does not invite you to stick your nose into their private lives, including your self-invitation to try to deny them the blessings of defining their own families: "When LBGT advocates began seeking to change the definition of marriage to accommodate their desires this essentially forced everyone else to take a position." How LGBTQ define their families and their relationships has zero bearing on you and your life, except when you self-invite yourself to get into the middle of their lives. Trying to block their civil rights to determine their own futures goes a lot farther that what Thessalonians gives you permission to do. You are plain done and out of "commission" when you finish expressing your personal objection to their values. Nothing in that verse or any other gives you permission to interfere in their actual lives or rights. If you do, you invite legal and political retaliation and any that comes your way will be well-deserved.
Kajishakar 08.06.2018
Clearly you have an ax to grind with Uber.
Migal 13.06.2018
Why this "unelected judges" mantra? They've been unelected since the first Supreme Court. This is not a change from the Founding Fathers' vision. There was a reason the position of Supreme Court justice was designed not to be elected and to serve for life. They had to be independent, as much as possible, from changing politics. This was part of the plan, not a flaw.
Kazrajin 22.06.2018
I meant exactly what I wrote. They were used. I am not invalidating these kids. I feel sorry for them. You would think, when someone has gone through trauma and something as horrific as the parkland shootings you would give those individuals time to heal, their space, their privacy....
Meztirn 30.06.2018
Proverbs, and Evolution, and Morphology(?), oh my.
Zulurr 04.07.2018
Re: cutting of your nose... it is the best way to spite your face.
Gutilar 09.07.2018
ya, that 35% increase in Healthcare costs the GOP caused by "repealing" Obamacare
Moogugis 18.07.2018
Wat you mean holding out?
Mikakasa 22.07.2018
Much worse! Beating a live horse?

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