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Amateur vhf uhf antennas Amateur
Amateur vhf uhf antennas Amateur
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Prove you didn't set it up to go off on a timer.
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You might want to check your facts.
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You're trying to box people's views, but those boxes are revealing inadequate to the task.
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"You're such a hypocrite."
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Auto correct on cell phone.... Uggggggggh!
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Thanks for stating the obvious. You are right. It is universal knowledge. And no one here denies any of it.
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Where do you stand on snarky british cat ladies? LOLOLOLOL
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So, tell me, why should I be worried about that?
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He was about to be really upset over the fact that I need at least 3 infant souls as part of my anti-aging smoothie recipe
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Except they do not have evidence.

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